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Your NewDawn RPA journey starts with a one week feasibility study to identify the RPA potential within your process management framework. During this phase interviews will be conducted with key stakeholders, supported by desktop research of manual activities, controls, procedures and related processes.

The outcome will be a validated RPA roadmap.


The goal of the analyze phase is to validate the ROI and feasibility assumptions used in the scanning phase. By doing so, we test the underlying processes for RPA suitability and the initial ROI calculation. Hence, we maximize the benefits of implementing RPA.

The outcome will be a prioritized RPA pipeline.


After the scope of control activities has been defined, our risk experts will conduct a deep dive into the control activity. Through the use of digital recordings of the current process activities and interviews with key stakeholders we will effectively co-design your future control workflow.

The outcome is a design document agreed with the business.


The risk robots will be build by our development team in an agile way, using short iterations, sprints and end-user checks at predefined tollgates. As a result of our collaborative way of working, you will be ensured that the robot is working as agreed. Building the robot one step at the time.

The outcome is a working robot that has been developed for, by and with the business.



Financial services

Services providers

Consumer services

Outsourcing services





Intelligent automation will change the world as we know it. As a result the question many companies face is how to accelerate their path forward.

NewDawn process robotics is a sustainable and cost-efficient way to lower the costs of risk management, increase your labor capacity and at the same time improving your controls and minimizing the manual errors.

NewDawn risk robotics is supported by user friendly software tooling like Uipath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism. NewDawn is tool-agnostic. We are an independent consultancy partner.

We are part of an international associate partner network. Our Dutch team can support local as well as global initiatives and is experienced with setting up international project that cover multiple countries.

NewDawn uses multidisciplinary teams that consist of business, risk and robotics experts delivering RPA and Artificial Intelligence solutions. With the use of our partner network we can provide training on the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence

Robotic Process Automation

Machine learning

Data science