How to build
a future proof

Our mission is to create cost efficient and workforce friendly process-control frameworks through the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence. Our proven methodology ensures a fast and effective way to assess, design and build your virtual process managers to create seamless workflows.

Process technology
that empowers
your employees

NewDawn designs risk robots that can mimic and replace repetitive manual activities, ensuring that your employees can focus on value adding activities. By automating your manual activities, we promise you better margins, lower risk exposure, higher employee satisfaction and a strong pipeline of ROI based investments.

Automation that
respects your way
of working

NewDawn process robotics uses RPA technology that can easily adapt itself to your way of working. Our unique scoping methodology ensures that there is no need for invasive process changes to harvest the full benefits of RPA. We combine risk management expertise with RPA developers to create virtual process-managers and seamless workflows.

Virtual process managers
with super

Process robots are 100% reliable, 100% accurate and always timely. They are never tired, they do not get bored and they can easily scale up. Introducing these virtual co-workers means the possibility of a 24/7 continuous monitoring of your key activities while logging everything in an audit trail and significantly reducing your error exposure.

More control
with less effort
and lower costs

Supporting your process control-framework is very expensive due to the specialized nature of the capabilities involved. The time your operational employees spend on these repetitive task, they are not supporting your growth. So, stop wasting money and talent on checks and balances and implement risk robots with an ROI of less than a year.




Stop wasting time and money on checking possible errors that could have been avoided to begin with. Start with robotizing your manual activities now! A focus on straight through processing will help to ensure the reliability of the data used to support your business decisions. On top of that, you can enrich your decision-making process by robotizing the more complex controls and reporting flows, with artificial intelligence.

Your RPA

NewDawn offers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in combination with Artificial Intelligence to strengthen your processes including the checks and balances with less manual efforts. Our proven methodology ensures a fast and effective way to asses, design and build your virtual co-workers and to ensure the creation of seamless workflows.


Robotic Process Automation is user friendly software tooling that enables you to perfectly mimic human activities. NewDawn is an independent implementation partner without ties to any of the software vendors nor do we have any software preferences.


By introducing process robotics to your organization, you are supporting continuous control monitoring, 100% accuracy and an embedded audit trail. And at the same time you are increasing your workforce capacity as well as your employee satisfaction.


Our team of risk experts and RPA developers will help you harvest the RPA opportunities within your company. By focusing first on controls, you minimize the resistance to this new technology, opening up the heart of your company to the benefits of RPA.


Unburdening your employees from repetitive control activities creates opportunities for your people to spend their time on more challenging, inspiring and value adding activities. Risk robots take the bot out of the human so that employees can enjoy their work.